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R-15 08 - Rated ẟ For Amadaeus Rocking Me, Insanely High Price Markups, Highly Unlikely Oceanic Births, Mild Existential Crises

I wonder if the Hotel Amadeus is a recent upstart love hotel, opposed by the longer standing but less popular chain, Salieri Suites. Amadeus, the idea of music choosing you and those called "geniuses"... I know they've been part of this show since the first day, but seeing that combination of themes recalled some memories. Not entirely pleasant, but powerful. No wonder Fukune doesn't talk much. Music is on her mind all the time. (That said, I did like the art style in her flashback.)

I wonder what sort of city is located around Inspiration Academy. The price markup on a single crepe is ludicrous. Disney World has better prices! The situation that got Taketo and Fukune together fit the show's nature well. I was hoping for some interaction between Ran and Ritsu (a nice combination of names, I must say), but they were quickly distracted by other matters. All signs are pointing towards Fukune being The One for Taketo. She's the only girl he can't have erotic thoughts about. Thankfully, the show's PR team is around to cover for him. Nice episode.

All I can tell about next week is that Chief is involved in a major role. The truth is out there...
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