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Blue text under your translation is a possible corrections/suggestions or possible wording context change corrections/suggestions you might want, Password-san. It's to help with the flow of the translation into the English language. The corrections/suggestions I'm putting forth are done from both the text in question as well as the way the vocals sound during these scenes. The way one says something in Japanese due to tone, emotion, etc also effect how the sentence may sound and how it was implied to be said.
All right! Thanks Hayate, I'll apply the corections to the respective posts later (My Internet connection is being mean to me today).

Originally Posted by Hayate22 View Post
Dark Piece Signum:
Indifferent, huh.
Are you a mage from the Administration Bureau?
A face I don't recognize.
Are you an Administration Bureau mage?
I'd just like to say that I hate idiomatic expressions. I can never figure out whether something's supposed to be taken literally or, err... idiomatically. <<;
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