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Originally Posted by Hayate22 View Post
I can somewhat understand your distress about the DLC in general.
*sulks in corner* ;-;
Hmmm...the way I'm hearing the vocal, it sounds somewhat like that to me, though I'm not perfect either, so a second person helping with corrections would help out Password-san. Also, I'm doing this quickly so I'm bound to screw up at some points. Or rather someone will find a better way to say it.
I or someone else could help out with corrections on your corrections, it's just I'm afraid of going too far from the original meaning to make it sound better in English since my Japanese levels are somewhat non-existent.

Nearly done my work and I should still have some time before Force raws appear, so maybe....
For the first correction to my correction: Technically Nanoha uses Fate-chan alot, and since they're only nine years old at the time, I thought it be appropriate due to their age and what not. Young children in Japan sometimes refer to themselves or others in the third person until a certain point. ^^;;; That's how I was looking at it when I did it initially.
>> Young children in Japan sometimes refer to themselves or others in the third person until a certain point.
- Unless the radio shows/afureko I try to listen/watch to are weird, I don't think this applies to just young children. I remember hosts/co-hosts/guests calling each other by name instead of "you" or something. :/

Well, I forget how younger children talk [because the ones I meet at work that are more talkative are rather rude ^^;], but may I suggest that we allow the kiddies to talk to each other like that and use "you" where it's appropriate for the older characters then? If you want to keep the cuteness of third person that is.
Anyway, the whole Dark Material part makes it a bit more difficult in some ways. Nanoha's Dark Material tends to be like that. Fate's Dark Material I can understand where they're going with that a bit. Hayate-chan's on the other hand...says some things in many many ways...
Material-D is just insane. I'm sure we'll have some fun with her dialogue.... Give me back my Dark Peace Hayate!
Quote: could be me but I don't hear alot of slang from Dark Material L alot the dialect is close to what Signum uses so that's why I referred to that type of speech pattern for most of Dark Material L's quotes. One clue was from the fact that she used certain attack names that are born from a more archaec Japanese form.
Mm, I'm bad at reading and would have to play the game/re-watch videos later to remember how she talks. Just the way she talked reminded me of.... Vita? Like, a giant brute.

But if what she's saying is similar to Signum, then it can't be helped. .w.;
-shrugs- It's better to have two people help with corrections than just one. It'll help Password-san especially.
Well, if I do help out, it'd just be minor things that people won't care about in the end, like smoother English.... which is partially why I was reluctant on helping because not many people seem to care. As long as they understand the gist of it~

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