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Finally done with Dark Piece Hayate.

Originally Posted by Hayate22 View Post
Password-san, in any case, you are doing a very good job. Have you actually taken Japanese classes or anything of the like? Or are you using something to help you translate these?
A bit in column A (some college courses), a lot in column b (I use three online tools. the Excite machine translator to get the gist of it, WWWJDIC to see the dictionary translation, and Space ALC to see how different sources translate them in various sentences. What I can't find there goes to Google), and a bit in column c (Chinese education makes me somewhat familiar with the syntax)

Originally Posted by Hayate22 View Post
Lightning Blade Assailant:
If I were to kill you
and feed on you,
this sickening feeling should disappear!
If I were to succeed in killing you,
then this sickening feeling should disappear!

(Don't see anything that translated into as 'feeding on you' in the line. Though part of the line could be translated as "If I were to win and kill you at the same time," It could be argued on which might be better for direct translation but for smoother one is the one in blue as usual.)
Ah, I got the feeding on you part from 我がとすれば, since according to the dictionary, the third character I bolded meant food. I was a bit confused about that. <<;

Originally Posted by Hayate22 View Post
I'm sorry, because of my replica.......
I'm sorry, this is all because of my fake/imposter
Hmm... I think I prefer "Replica". It implies something to be a near-perfect copies of the original, which the Dark Pieces are, and it has a neutral tone that doesn't carry the negative connotations of "fake/imposter". The fanchise, after all, always emphasizes that simply being a clone of someone isn't a bad thing.

And yes, more help is always appreciated.

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