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He even knew beforehand that he would lose Nia if he defeated the Antispiral and made his decision that all of mankind should live on, even though he would suffer. He was a true hero. So yes, he loses her, but it was his decision to sacrifice his feelings for the greater good.
Boring, generic, expected, yawn. I can name fifty characters in other anime who would make the same sacrifice in a heartbeat, not to mention with the same attitude, and almost exactly the same lines (Gai Shishioh, anyone?).

The sad thing is that Simon just doesn't have the personality or presence to even pull it off like the guys before him. Even Kittan, who was a blatantly obvious Kamina-lite, had a better hero persona than he did. Not only did he look the role, but he acted the role and played the role because that's who he was. Simon used to know fear and weakness. He used to have at least some semblance of vulnerability to him. But now that he's an adult, he's just some incredible badass who isn't afraid of anything? I just can't sympathize with any of that.

Also, on a slightly unrelated note, they didn't even have to write Nia's death into the picture at all. I'm almost positive that if every human in the world was killed besides me, I wouldn't disintegrate into pixie dust. That shit was just retarded.

What the hell would you do after losing the woman you loved right after marrying her?
Break down and cry, at least a little bit. But hey, apparently seven years of development dulled him into a shallow caricature of a hero, rather than a real man and human being.

Simon knows well that he cannot be the leader. He knows no politics, so he entrusts the power to those he knows will get shit done. Except Gimmy, I still think that little turd should not have the spiral core drill. If you watched the movie, you would know that he doesn't become a bum for no reason. Simon's original personality is being a bit of a loner. He fulfills Nia's dream of planting flowers all over the world. What's wrong with that?
It's way too predictable, that's the problem. Nothing he does surprises or impresses me because it's the same bravado I've been seeing from basically everyone else in the series, and they all seem to pull it off better because who they are from the beginning matches up with who they become in the end. Not Simon though, he just pulls a heroic persona out of his ass and abuses it for the duration of the second half of the series.

Yoko I thought was a great character, a strong willed female with a soft side, I'm always a sucker for that.
Whoo, me too. My Achilles' heel to the very end. :P
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