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Originally Posted by carmolita View Post
Just keep in mind this is not the end ~only the half way~ mark ..You must understand that when Matsuri Hino's manga was picked for anime she was brought in/consulted on the project, but she only had 3 request 1. she wanted the same voice cast kept as the cd drama 2. she wanted a certain scene changed and 3. I forgot BUT she didn't mind if they changed things however the director liked the way she wrote the story and wanted to keep it as is.. (my source is an interview she did with viz) However I'd rather wait for more story before they animated any more~ then butcher it with ideas other than the authors. I'm a kaname fan, but since you are a zero fan this should give you hope ~ not only did they cut the zero x yuki kiss scene they also cut the kaname x yuki kiss scene which was way steamier. At this point they're getting ready to go up against another adversary, so their is still a lot more story to be told.
WHAT! there was a kiss between yuuki and kaname? And they cut it out? those...that's absurd!
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