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None of this makes any sense. There would be no vagueness or ambiguity within the world of the story. As soon as the police arrive, the identity of the killer and victim is clear. The mere fact that your story does not state who it is does not mean that, within the world of the story, it is nebulously possible that either of them is the killer. It merely means that one of them is a killer, and the audience does not yet know who. It is possible, indeed, that the audience is never told. However, to say that no one inside the fiction knows is absurd; of course they do. And, one hopes, so too does the author.
When did I say anything about the killer's identity being ambiguous "within the world of the story"? I'm talking about the meta level here. We can argue about the morality of pieces till we're blue in the face, but in a setting where authors are presented as gods of the worlds they create, it's the authors that ultimately hold responsibility for the flow of events directing those pieces.

In that little story fragment I wrote, I deliberately underspecified the culprit, but I could have just picked a character with no particular problem. I invented those characters from whole cloth and have no emotional investment in them, so that world isn't real to me. But what about Meta-Battler, who has the same opportunity? Try to put yourself in his shoes for a minute. He's a character who was elevated out of his story and placed in a position to write the continuation of that story. He still has strong emotional connections to all of the characters, and he thinks of them as real people even though he's now on a higher plane than they are.

EP7's tea party suggested that any of the adults could have become the culprit depending on the precise circumstances, and we have very little information about what the precise circumstances actually were. That means the story up until Twilight could, in fact, be ambiguous as to which adult was "really" the culprit, and multiple fragments are consistent with the evidence. So if Meta-Battler points at one of those fragments and says "There, that one is the real one," then he's not revealing the truth, he's defining it. From his perspective, Meta-Ange is basically demanding that he pick one of the people he loves and sacrifice them.

In that situation, is it somehow strange and evil for him to say "I'm writing this story for you, so I'll choose a culprit if I must, but I'm begging you not to make me"?
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