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Thanks, that's indeed a lot of interesting information.

The phrase about Layla's background may imply her family has been living in the E.U. for a number of years, as opposed to being a lone defector who just recently fled from Britannia. It's also good to finally get a proper explanation about "Euro Britannia" as that term has been showing up in many Akito-related materials without much elaboration so far. Besides that, the specifics on the European system of government are welcome.

Incidentally, all of this extends the whole "exiles without a home" theme further than what I originally expected. It's looking like a pretty good use of the concept.

Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
Really? There's an official CG timeline which talks about Napoleon? I had no idea. Lol. It's pretty weird that they would release official material contradicting previously released info. I wonder if there's a reason for that, or if they just changed their minds and decided to retcon it...
I'd say either interpretation is possible here.

I don't know if that older story was actually official or not, since the Code Geass wiki does have a lot of fan speculation...but if so, maybe the previous explanation is now simply meant to be a cover story, perhaps made up by the people who secretly executed Napoleon because he was still an important figure they couldn't openly condemn at the time, though the truth might well have been revealed later. It makes me think of something similar to what Diethard and the Black Knights claimed happened to Zero ("Oh, he died from his wounds!") after he escaped during the R2 betrayal episode.

Or they just changed it outright, like how the Chinese Federation was briefly hinted to be communist during a speech made by the Emperor in the first season, until the staff probably realized it was more convenient to use something less directly comparable to the modern Chinese system of government and went for a "child ruler manipulated by Eunuchs" scenario instead.

Edit: Btw, does anyone know what E.U. really stands for? I keep seeing "Euro Universe" in the previous Code Geass materials, but it's definitely not that in the Akito stuff. They keep using ユーロピア共和国連合 which is literally Europia Union. I translated it to European Union because that's what it is in real life now, and it sounds better, but it probably should be left as Europia Union. It really does seem like they're changing the entire E.U. background and name to suit what the new director wants. Is there any more info on this? Thanks!
I remember that in the actual Japanese dialogue they usually said "E.U." and nothing more, even if the printed materials did spell out "Euro Universe" like you've mentioned. I suppose we'll see if they address that change or not. Either way, I'm definitely not against retroactive continuity when the result is something that sounds better than what had been originally intended. If Kazuki Akane is going that far with this (and more), he's definitely earning his co-writer credit.
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