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Considering that, it may be that the creators deemed that these short stories wasn't important enough that they had to follow the info released in them. As for the EU's actual name, that's pretty much also up in the air. While it has been referred to as "Euro-Universe" in most printed materials, it was referred to as "European Ultra-Union" in the CG light novels, so it's hard to say whether Euro-Universe is definite or just a temporary name they came up with in the past to fill in the details, since the EU wasn't the focus of the story until now. Hopefully, they'll finally make things clear in Akito.
Ah, you mean the S1 history lessons? The thing is, those were basically semi-informative jokes where Lelouch tried to teach Suzaku about Britannian history, often pointing out that there were exaggerations and inaccuracies involved. I guess it's not particularly hard to contradict those notes, now that the subject of European history needs to be addressed instead of being a side commentary in a bonus booklet.

Also, according to a tidbit from the Geass Project twitter page (, the blond-haired girl who appeared at the end of the Kiseki no Birthday picture drama (the one that was sitting next to Nunnally, Tianzi and Kaguya as the leaders of all the major powers, and who is, according to the Twitter entry, the president of the EU) will be appearing in Akito as well, so we'll finally know who she is.
I figured as much...but considering there are apparently three E.U. presidents, not just one, similar to the three consuls under Napoleon before he became Emperor, at the very least there should be two proper adults keeping her in check. I'm not a huge fan of the idea, but that system makes it more tolerable.

Then again, she might not even get that position of power until the end, when the E.U. government inevitably falls, and may be shown in Akito doing something else. Either way, I suppose it is also nice that even that bit of trivia is going to get some sort of recognition here, since she was shown in a picture drama and all.
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