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Epic. Epic. Truly Epic. Macross is back on the air! This series starts out petty good. I can;'t say I'm in love with any of the characters so far, but I did get to like them a bit more then I though I would - judging by their designs in the opening.

I also want to say, when they started fighting in the Valkyries, I had goose pimples from head to toe. That was what I wanted to see and I got just enough of it to drool over. I am very excited to see that CG is being used to mostly good effect and that the aliens (invid want-to-be?) are interesting and apparently not at all humanoid.

Did anyone else like the fact that the Valkyries are merging human and zentordi technology? The Valkyrie is the same, but the pilot inside is in a power suit much like the old zentrodi battle pods. That was a nice touch, indeed.

I also like the music and am glad to see it is going to be as important to this series as it was to all the others in the past.

Finally, I would love to see an old favorite return - so long as they aren't the Crapcross 7 edition version.

Here is looking forward to several seasons of good Macross loving entertainment!
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