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The OP definitely is below par for Sakamoto IMO. I think there's some OP, even the new Naruto Shippuden OP this season that sounds better overall.

Also, even the background OST seems to have downgraded and it sounds sorta like Darker than Black now. Why the change, I wonder? It was excellent in the director's cut. My guess is that they might be saving the more dramatic tunes for later on.

I seriously hope this is not some sudden downturn in production values for the show, but it still was pretty fun to watch. Then again, the director's cut was vastly superior IMO.

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Finally, I would love to see an old favorite return - so long as they aren't the Crapcross 7 edition version.

Here is looking forward to several seasons of good Macross loving entertainment!
Macross 7 gets some flack, but mainly because it was more of a music-band anime than Macross for most of the way, plus the Vash the Stampede style uber-pacifist in Basara. No doubt that Frontier won't follow the same vein. It just can't out of premise. I don't think M7 was bad at all (as a standalone, it was pretty good actually), but I think they are emphasizing a return to form. The transformed Macross battleship seems to be proof of that, though I wonder why that thing is even returning.
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