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Hakkyou Hakkyou No Mi

Madness Madness Devil Fruit

Paramecia that allows user to shape enemies nightmares,foes and many illusions.Im not talking about some genjutsu stuff like naruto.These nightmare clones will be seen only by enemy and hurt him like real.Enemy will be forced to fight with invisible monsters that they cant save themselves until they completely defeat the clones, in an other way they will simply go mad.

Example : Luffy will think that he is fighting with Crocodile,Eneru,Lucci and will bleed to death slowly from their attacks, while strawhat crew looking at him and thinking that "what the hell he is just punching the air" like.

- If you'll defeat all the nightmares, you'll be able to see the Hakkyou user.
- As always pain will be your helper for waking up from a nightmare.You'll surely get hurt from the clones and last image you will see before dying will be the user.An instant and great pain can give you a visual of Hakkyou df user as well.
- No logia like defense, all you have to do is to find your way out of nightmare.
- Massive haki usage will reveal the user as well.
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