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Originally Posted by luffy's property View Post
hi i made a devil fruit my self its pretty awsome too its called the heal heal fruit and you can heal your self or anyone else at any time and can control plants and poisen people!!!!!!!!!! but dont get me mad ill unleash its fury!!!!!!!!!!! [not really] oh "my bad"
Interesting: a Heal Heal fruit that can also control plant life and generate poisons. I see.

Nice fruit though, btw: I like the plant control part a bit.

Anyway, folks: I thought up one more, having to do with my original idea for the Academic Academic Fruit class of fruits.

Academic Academic Fruit; Class: Computer Science; Model: Network Network.


Control and manipulation of any kind of network stream, or network medium. By extension, you can form crude digital signal networks using any metal item in your reach.

By touching any kind of computer that is connected to a network medium of some kind, it is possible to send and receive messages from that computer, and broadcast command signals to other computers that it can send network information to.

By touching, say a rod of metal, and transferring your thoughts into it, you can multicast messages via radio waves into the air, thereby jamming frequencies you bombard. By extension, you can also pick up any network messages passing around you by grasping a metal rod and using it as a receiver/antenna. (Hint: wear a ring at all times ).


Note well that you cannot reprogram devices you touch; you can only send and receive signals from them. So, no: you aren't as cool as Micah from Heroes yet.

I'd also thought up one for:

Academic Academic Fruit; Class: Computer Science; Model: Program Program.


Ability to reprogram devices as fast as your mind can come up with the right structure for the program. The limitation here is how fast you can reason out the steps to the solution to a problem.

Ability to, at a peripheral level, do some network broadcasting on devices that have network capabilities. So you can do mental cracking. (Yea: Now you're cool like Micah. )


You must be in contact with the device in question.

You don't just think: "Do this". The device must be programmed. You have to think out a series of logical steps and send them to the device via thought. So the speed is limited by your own speed of reasoning.

Programs must be complete for a machine to understand them, and not catering for errors will produce the same effect as a machine programmed via a natural method with the same negligence: a system crash.

That's all for now.
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