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I posted this 2 weeks ago in the eroge section for the psp port of sucre.
Originally Posted by hyl View Post
I ended up getting Sucre Portable for psp (taking a minor break from IroSeka) and in less than 5 minutes and i get this treated with this CG
Spoiler for NSFW:

Interesting censor , it was if i was watching an anime on tv. I am also questioning how this was allowed on the psp.
For Koichoco portable, I was treated again by similar censors

Spoiler for maybe nsfw, whatever:

edit: come to think of it. Mashifoni portable censored "that scene" from Miu's story with an original SD cg.

later edit:
finished Chisato's route (again...)
It's exactly the same as the pc version, minus the H-scenes and the only new additions were some extra dates. Eventhough the H-scenes were removed, it's still implied that they had sex.
Spoiler for no idea why i put this in a spoiler tag:

I don't think that i have the patience (and time) to sit through all the routes again. So i won't be doing Satsuki's and Michiru's stories , because i didn't like their routes that much. Eventhough you can skip previously unskippable scenes like moments when "Piece of My Heart" was playing

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