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I'm a bit pissed off at how far Kirito actually got in the tower base. My pride as a gamer was 'hurt'. I mean come on, even Lloyd Irving is at least willing to accept that he isn't able to do anything on his own! And here we have Kirito with his 'skilled' character who probably made the huge raid party that Leafa was talking about look like a group of idiots. It doesn't help that the way he brushed through the mobs felt like a button-mash to me. The fight was impressive nonetheless but the one-sidedness took off some of my tension due to just how long that scene was.

And so in the second half we have Kazuto reveal and confirm Suguha's true amount of misfortune that we all knew about since long ago. Although nothing new, they handled this part rather nicely as you could really feel their emotions with the way Suguha finally confronted her feelings at him directly, the way he reacted and looked away, and finally the way she huddled herself on the bed while crying. Thank goodness that this whole situation is plain enough to be solved within another episode? In the end neither of them did something wrong, but now that the truth's out at least they can start doing things right. Next episode's title pretty much screams "we're gonna make up and then kick some Sugou's butt together with an army that I funded with my h4x gold".
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