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I find myself agreeing with your point of view quite a bit in previous episode discussions, and would like to add that I don't understand people's dislike of harems where you know what the author is intending. Heartbreak isn't the end of the world, and in most cases I see it as a way for characters to grow in the future. Reading the first page of comments makes me feel like when a girl gets her heartbroken, she becomes useless, which is ridiculous. You can't measure a character's worth based on failures and successes.

And like you said, it's about the journey. Obviously everyone here knows in the end Kirito will defeat everyone who gets in his way, and eventually meet up with Asuna and she'll probably wake up, and it'll be happily ever after. We've probably known that ever since we saw Kirito walk out of the hospital. That doesn't make the series any more or less enjoyable. People need to just sit back and enjoy the ride, and even tho we know Suguha gets dumped, doesn't stop her from being a good character. I actually really enjoyed the end of this episode where she's pouring out her feelings, and thought it was well scripted. Despite myself being sad for her position, I still enjoyed watching it. I feel like anyone who didn't like Suguha, didn't like her because they knew she wouldn't succeed, and I feel like that's such a poor criteria, because I felt like she's a good character. Sure the romance is cliched, but honestly can you not say the Asuna romance wasn't cliched either? Doesn't stop it from being good. And when she talks about how she was glad when Kirito woke up from SAO and how he began to treat her nicely again, it puts pieces as to why she likes him.

Well that's enough from me, just think people should enjoy the show for what it presents, and not try to force it into a little box of preconceived notions.
you get a "good point", "grow" this is the problem on most of the harems this "dont happen" aways the girls gona stay in love with him(one saide) the MC awas gona be the same and on SAO is not different, and i can't say much more... about this because can be spoiler...(fear of warns ^^)

edit: in fact the only "grow" us have in a harem is the number of girls falling for MC

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