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Wink Submitted thoughts

I put these thought wishes out hoping they may be
read and might help towards a second season anime
that seems increasingly remote.

It seems there is a conceptual disconnect between
the story told by mangakas and the animaters. The laters
seem to identify a story with one or two characters
only, and this is not how many of the deeper mangas
work. They are more like large novels or epics of
a century or more ago, with multiple characters that
move in an out of the story.

There are exceptions most often seen in on the road
type animes. Wolf's Rain is the one that comes to mind
and to me seems quite successfully done.

Examples of what could have been are numerous.

Claymore, in the post Pieta on the road sequence
before the resurrection of Miria, has a lot of focus
on Helen, Denevue, Cynthia,and Uma. that could by
itself make a good anime. But, it's focus is different.
It is not the Claremore the animaters seem to want.

Gantz is not siimply the story of Kei Kumoro, Masara
Kato, and Kei Kishimoto in Tokyo. But, goes thru
many well constructed arcs, not all centered on the
surviving original character Kei Kumoro, or set in
Tokyo. These separate arcs if the animaters could
see it have the potential for individual animation.

Attack on Titan's second arc after the first Annie and
Eren saga shifts focus increasingly to other characters.
The sequence of chapters centered on Krista and
Ymir potentially has the making of a good anime.

This potential is in many well constructed deeper
mangas is one I wish animaters could see much
more oftern.
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