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Originally Posted by bayoab View Post
I chose warning because by just looking at the title, most people would expect regular chess.
Oh I see. I can see where you're coming from now. Umm... maybe some kind of romanization is more suitable for the title.

Originally Posted by bayoab View Post
It actually doesn't appear to be fansubbed, it appears that the english subs were on the original since the chinese subs overlap. HK rip?
AFAIK the English sub was actually shown during the broadcast. The Chinese sub is the fansub for those Mandarin-impaired Chinese-speakers. That's why you can see the English sub being overlapped at times.

And no it has nothing to do with Hong Kong either. If you are talking about bootlegs (as you said "rip"), it's simply too quick to get a release out. Not to mention that the kind of font is not that common as DVD sub.

Sorry to sound impolite, but the overgeneralization of "bootlegs = HK" prevalent in the English anime community simply makes me sick... This just reminds me of all those nasty sterotypes and generalizations against other cultures common in the last century, which I have no interest at all in bringing up again.

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