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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Hah, impressive. Who knows, he might pull of a Chrono and be AAA+ by around 15! Looks like the second coming of Chrono is not just for fanfic material.
Maybe he should be tutored by the Lieze Twins after all! Though I think Fate would be reluctant to do that.
I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled something la Chrono. He's a Belka-style mage and he has the best Enforcer of the TSAB as his sister and the commander of the warship Athra as a brother, so with that tutoring I would expect great things from him. Unless Chrono delivers him to the Lieze twins. I can already imagine it:

Chrono: Hi girls. It's been a while.
Lotte: Chrosuke! What are you doing here?
Aria: And who's the red-haired boy that follows you?
Chrono: Ah, sorry. This is Elio Mondial, my little brother.
Elio: Nice to meet you. My name is Elio Mondial.
Lotte: Wah! How cute! May I eat him?
Aria: Lotte!
Chrono: Ha ha ha. Actually I came over to leave him here so you can train him for awhile.
Aria, Lotte and Elio: WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?!
Chrono: Yeah.
Lotte (with stars in her eyes): I accept!
Elio (looking really frightened): Chrono nii-san........
Aria: Oh well. Since you are the one who's asking....
Chrono: So it's okay?
Aria: Yeah, sure.
Chrono: Thanks girls.
Aria and Lotte are already dragging poor Elio somewhere else.
Elio: Chrono nii-san
Chrono: Good luck Elio.
He turns away and leaves
Chrono (talking to himself): Ha ha. Poor Elio. But then again he's the one who asked me to take him to the teacher I had when I was young.

Honestly poor Elio, don't you think? . Besides if that happened, Fate would kill Chrono
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