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Kaichou wa maid-sama - the girl doesn't have harem, though there are people who like her but it isn't harem centred. The girl is strong and can fight back, though has slight tsundare personality. The guy is cool, not rude.

So you hate a garem with one girl and bunch of guys? How about one guy and bunch of girls? Rosario + Vampire would suit then though manga is MUCH better (but manga is more shounen though). Also the main heroin has two personalities but the guy in anime sucks in my opinion... that is why manga is better.

Air and Kanon 2006 are good series but they are more drama based than humour. But if you liked Clannd, you might like them as well since they are from the same author. Angel Beats is also from the same author but it is slightly different and not really shoujo but still has romance involvement.

Love Hina a harem show with one guy and bunch of girls, but I recommend manga in this case. It is 10 times better than anime but anime isn't really bad either but characters are more developed in manga. Also series are funny, the main guy works as mangaer in girls inn and is doing cleaning duties and stuff. Had been seen flying through the walls and roofs many times.

Spice and Wolf - fully romance based though includes some slight action.

Toradora - romance comedy.

Suzuka - involves love triangle so drama is included though has some comedy too. Also this triangle goes in circle like Guy A loves girl B but girl B is not really interested at first while girl C likes the guy A.
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