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I have that issue as well.... a few figures in the collection are not a problem but figure after figure being nearly nude gets me that "frozen smile" from my small perky sig.other. A lot of leg doesn't bother her (schoolgirl outfits) but the only "bikini" type outfit figure I have is the little demon girl from Disgaea 2 and she has a Yuki-type body so is just moe-cute.

I browse sites like and wonder *where the hell* do people display some of these figures? Many of them are more clinical than sexy. The bunny suits here for Mikuru and Haruhi are cute sexy.. but a Haruhi shrine full of bunny-girls just isn't going to fly. I was hoping for school uniforms or perhaps one of their theater outfit themes... even the "band" theme (Haruhi-bunny, Yuki-witch, Mikuru-loli, etc).
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