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You're leaving out some pretty important details here, like 1)Mueller stated if he could clear Trump of obstruction, he would have done so, yet was unable to.
2)Trump's attempts to interfere with the investigation were mostly unsuccessful due to his officials ignoring his orders to interfere with said investigation.
3)His failures to directly interfere with the investigation led Trump to start a very public series of media attacks against the Mueller investigation, hence why anyone gave a damn about the investigation, because Trump kept publicly attacking it and bringing attention to it.
4)Trump refused to be interviewed in person by Mueller, with his lawyers telling him he would be in an orange jump suit if he was questioned in person.
5)And then there's the entire legal question as to whether Mueller actually had the authority/power to charge a sitting president.

Sure, its still questionable on whether trump could have been charged AND convicted on obstruction, a charge that has a high bar to convict, to claim that no case could be made is so grossly misleading.

And really, who are we kidding? Even if dems had an airtight case, smoking gun and everything, on any of the charges against Trump, repubs would have still acquitted him anyway. Some of them outright stated Trump was guilty of the impeachment articles as they were voting to acquit him anyway.
They even let it be known even before the impeachment trial that they would vote not guilty regardless of any evidence.
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