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People do, which is why the plan still calls for the White House, Capitol and the National Mall to remain a Federal district called "The Capital". Just the area with civilian residence becomes a State that has more population than a few current states that have far more territory. This is not a new argument, as statehood or representation in Congress has existed since 1801 when the new residence found out they were not being represented, but still taxed. Also not able to have a say in Congress on any matter.

This current plan also moves to remove the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution, as "The Capital" should not need the three electoral votes for Presidential elections, and the new state will have them because they get actual representation in Congress.
There is no clear delineation between the 'civilian' and 'federal' sections of DC, if there was it would be a simple matter to reabsorb the 'civilian' sections into Maryland.
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