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Seriously though, I'm not too familiar with how anime production companies work but I doubt a company would neglect to tell one of it's VAs if voice recording has started just seems too important to not tell the VAs about it.
Based on what I've heard in various radio shows, they usually only know what happens to their characters when they get the scripts, maybe about a week before the recording sessions. But as Marsala said, Hanae should already know whether he's working on A/Z for next season or not, due to contracts and timetables etc.

Originally Posted by Marsala View Post
Those events are scripted. Hanae really ought to know by now if his character is coming back or not; pretending not to know gets the fans all excited.
I know. (I watch and listen to too many seiyuu events and radio to not know this ) Hanae could still be telling the truth though. If he's not needed for episode 1, then he probably wouldn't have received that script.

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Probably true, considering his or Amamiya's inability to remain quiet in general. Even if he survived, he could be in a coma, so his character wouldn't need to be voiced for a while, imo. The pre-airing recording session last season was up episode 7, I don't know how many recordings they had this time.
er...the radios and events are generally scripted, with some leeway for what the seiyuu want to talk about. But any info. they reveal is usually vetted ahead of time.

And given that we're about 7 weeks out from S2, and the fact that Amamiya and Minase only started talking about it on the radio this week, I think they've only recorded one or, at most, two episodes so far. Though that makes the A/Z recording sessions pretty early vis-a-vis the episode broadcast (IIRC, in one of the Macross F commentaries, someone said that 4/5 weeks ahead of broadcast time was normal).

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
It's not Ono's job to tell him.
See the in that post? pretty certain Raviel was just joking

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
There are two more videos in the aldnoah website but are only viewable to Japan, one is a musical video with aLieZ. Also they announced the opening and the ending for the second season: "&Z" is the OP, sung by Mizuki. "GENESIS" by Aoi Eir is the ending.
Two videos? What's the other one?

Oh, and the aLieZ PV is just a compilation of scenes from the TV show. It ends with the gunshot and the necklace falling to the ground though. I'm sure it'll show up on the interwebs in due time...

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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