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Why one earth would there be a rational explanation for naming a white caucasian, possibly from the North America region, a totally japanese name that sounds a bit too close like a swear word, make him wear a mask and outfit resembling a Japanese samurai, as well as have him pilot a Samurai mecha.

There is only a few reasons I can think up.

1. Somebody thought it was cute or clever.

2. Somebody seems to be bit too patriotic in trying to put their culture and history into the anime.

3. A few paranoid theorists from some of the blogs or forums claimed half-seriously that Japan is trying to make militarism and the armed forces more popular to the anti-militaristic Japanese public like the Keroro Gunsou anime. Personally, I doubt it.

Either way if Gundam 00 series had a 'A+' grade just because of all this it would have been knocked down to 'A-'.
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