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Excellent thread
My favorite music is Rap & Drum and Bass
Here are my favorite rappers and crews, I only really listen to good lyrical bars or really tasty tunes
Redman & Method man
Dr Dre & Eminem
Notorious & Tupac
Public enemy & Mos def
Immortal technique & Army of the Pharaohs
Wu-tang (All of there members I love, but Gza is my favorite out of them because of his tune Knock Knock)
Cunninlynguists & Gang Starr
Dmx & Busta Rhymes
KRS One & Styles P
JMT & Jus Allah (Vinnie Paz from JMT is one of the best lyricist for rap out there)
Sage Francis & A Tribe Called Quest

Those are the most well known rappers I listen to,all the rest are really quiet underground or only done a few collaborations with some other artists. Because I live in England I also listen to English rap. Il name a few good ones.
JME & Skepta (Brothers both really good)
Roll Deep (Crew but really good)
Lethal Bizzle & Ghetts ( The movement)
Professor Green & Dizze Rascal ( Old school stuff that is)
Frisco & Foreign Beggars
Wretch 32 & D Double E
Klashnekoff (Terra Firma)
SkinnyMan & Mike GLC ( Really good those two)
Beezwax & Genesis Elijah
Devlin & Kyza

Those are the rappers which you will be able to find quiet easily I know more but you have to be in England to get a hold of there amazing Cd's and Bars
Realise that English rap is called Grime so its probably not going to appeal to you as much as it does for me. But give it a try were pretty good, Better then some of the main stream rappers, but they got the money and these guys done . Take notice that there are some bad tunes that these artist have made but try to look around more, if you want me to tell you the best songs which they have made I will just Msg me Enjoy and I hope I helped some of you young enthusiasts to get into Rap a bit more
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