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Ever since Samurai Champloo, I got really into Nujabes and Nomak and expanded on instrumental hip hop from there. Those two weight heavily in my favorite producers though. Give their albums a listen if you haven't. I love the songs Luv (Sic.) Pt. 3 with Shing02 (Nujabes) and Nomak's Sanctuary off of his album Calm. They also helped introduce me to Substantial (who I believe is an Anime fan). He's got a great flow and subject wise, is really positive and meaningful. Check out the Substantial/Burns collaboration.

Just saw Cunninlynguists live and they're definitely are live. Great show and their latest couple albums (Strange Journey 1 & 2 are excellent). Kno is an incredible producer.

CYNE is probably one of my favorite groups that are considered "intelligent hip hop". Great flow and beats behind them (Evolution Fight & Time Being are great albums). They really strike a balance between intelligence and smoothness.
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