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It's not all about the mainstreem artists, and don't get me wrong they are good but trust me there is alot of talent out there which don't talk about gang violence and drugs, they just talk about life and how much they enjoy it and how they want to be in life and some of their troubles which dont involve violence. and try these artists i really got into them because hip hop is abit low at the moment, and these hip hop tracks are abit jazzy and have really good lyrics in them. If i wa sto compare their lyrical style it would be like Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, and Drake (Not Cudi's mainstream songs, his mixtapes, with songs such as soundtrack to my life and pursuit of happiness. Same wiith drake, his mixtapes, songs like Enjoy your self, Fear and more)
These are the artists im talking about:
Dom Kennedy
Illa j
If you want to know songs in particular im talking about send me a message because these guys are really good.
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