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Originally Posted by WBoon View Post
Whoa, I've been missing lots. Looks like Pure Pure Heart gets a Mio solo treatment, and Mio has two more songs? o_O" Ugh, don't really like Tokimeki Sugar, though. The poem was probably the only Mio written work I felt to have rather shallow lyrics. Was Pure Pure Heart also written by Mio, though? I couldn't remember. But I like PPH. Fits her character quite nicely.
I believe that Mio is the lyrics writer for the band. Ritsu always tell her to make one, doesn't she?

That's why it's best that Mio sing more of her own songs rather than have Yui do it. A songwriter's lyrics are written out of her own heart, her own personal feelings and experiences. Though it's true that she wrote them for the band, you'd get weird instances like Fuyu no Hi being thrust to an entirely wrong singer.
True, some songs are better sung by Mio IMO. Her voice is more fitting for singing. Yui's voice is great too, but I think she's more suitable for talks.

I always like Mio's Fude Pen Ballpen better than Yui's
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