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I'm very surprised that the feminist community in anime fandom has not started screaming for Touma's blood for doing

Spoiler for Episode 5:

this. And if your remember your first season its not the first time either.

I for one love the guy. To quote Batman he's the rare "Equal Opportunity Crime-Fighter" that punishes evildoers no matter what's between their legs.

In terms of fight-choreography and sheer visceral ferocity Touma Vs Agnese easily ranks amongst the best battle in the Academy-City-Franchise next to the Accelerator at the docks, Index VS the Golem (first season Index)and Telestina on the Highway (Railgun finale) battles.

Would it be a stretch to say that as she is, evil-and-sexy Agenese-chan could EASILY wipe the floor with post-brain-damage Accelerator?
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