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According to their website, today appears to be the final day of the showing in Hawaii. If you haven't been, today is your last chance. The movie appears to be ending this Friday in Taiwan as well. It will end in Midland Cinema on Saturday in Japan.

This Thursday (and Saturday for one cinema due to the G-20 conference) South Korea is going to be bombarded with the Haruhi movie. While I cannot access the official sites for the movie nor the cinemas, I've found the list of theatres but no towns except for two. It will be shown in 20 theatres through Megabox Cineplex and the Lotte Cinema/CGV chains.

Our fans in Russia also have an opportunity to see the movie soon. The Disappearance will begin showing this Saturday in St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, and Kazan. Next Saturday it will begin showing in Moscow (at the 35mm cinema) and Omsk. Dates have not been revealed for showings in Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, and the Horizon theatre in Moscow.

And as mentioned before, the movie will be shown at 9:45-12:30 at the Anime Festival Asia (Hall 402) in Singapore.

After this barrage of theatres, the overall totals have increased to 164 theatres worldwide. The list goes as follows:
120 Japan theatres
4 United States theatres
1 Scotland theatre
8 Taiwan theatres
20 South Korea theatres
9 Russia theatres
1 Hong Kong theatre
1 Singapore theatre

I've updated the list in my sig with all of the new theatres and dates so far. If you have the ability to see it, it's well worth your time.

Edit: Toranoana has updated with the sample image of their A3 size tapestry with purchase of the movie:

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