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Originally Posted by D-KLAC View Post
son of a (bleep) you dare compare GS series to that abomination really NEVER compare them.

besides look GS series is rare on it way yet overall i did more than 00 flops, abomination-ge@$$, etc yet it can still do it IF now GS movie & 3rd GS happen now.
You DO know that it's already impossible to have a 3rd GS series. Destiny had ended fairly well, of course, and as you can see, the war is over. What more can we expect in the third season? New characters and another war starting? Of course, I know you wouldn't like it.

So please don't ask for the impossible >.<

And oh.
Spoiler for language...:

And speaking of the GS movie, I am quite disappointed as you are. Up until now, Sunrise hasn't given any further or new announcements regarding the movie. And when was the time they confirmed they were going to make the movie? That was 2006 I think... >.>

If I can't control my anger anymore, I might have ranted on Sunrise for being so delayed... >.<
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