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Well, I finished my re-airing tonight. Interestingly, it took about seven months - and that involved a lot of pacing on my part. I only rarely allowed myself the luxury of two or more episodes a week, and that mostly over the first 20 eps or so. I really wanted to make this last as long as I could - though I have no doubt I'll be watching the series again.

To my complete lack of surprise I loved it just as much the second time. In fact, I was surprised by how little my foreknowledge of future events changed my perception of the series - all the same moments hit me hard the second time around. No question, the best ep of the series? 47 - "Is a Lie Alright?" Not just the best ep of a great series, but one of the most emotionally-charged of any series I can recall. As for the ending, I still loved it - I think anything would have been a slight return to Earth after 47, but it was pretty close to just right - all the way down to the piano soundtrack and the way it was utilized. If a series I know like family can leave me feeling satisfied in knowing the finale is the last I'll see of it, that constitutes a great ending in my book.

If you haven't watched this series yet, please do so immediately!
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