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Originally Posted by Nera Sleith View Post
Spoiler for Reki:

Just wondering, do snipers take medicine to stabilize their hold of the rifle? I played Metal Gear and there was this pill, I think it was called Diazepam, an antidepressant(?) drug, that after using it makes it easier to use sniper rifles.
No.....I have never known snipers to take meds on mission as it may jepoardize alertness.

And to all those eager to know more about Reki.......

vol 6 shows why her headphones can be dubbed.....the Siren.....*shudders*

Vol 6 also features junior girls like Fuuma and Nakasorachi....both are awesome as well of course.

And yes....Reki with a bayonet can fend off an enraged Aria....That's why Reki is a sniper god....her skill level is such that it can extend the effective range of a bullet O____o
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