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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
But... what possible reason does she have to have that subjective belief? And what is her basis for the factual foundation of it? It doesn't even make sense if you assume it's one of Touya's internalized conflicts.

True, which is one reason why I'd be willing to forgive a cheap trick in that instance. The problem I have is with the foundation of it. That is, I have no idea how Beatrice knew that to make such a snipe against Battler's psyche.
I don't know how she knew this either, but from the setup it is quite clear that she did know. It's not like Battler ran into the Red-block when he just happened to bring up Asumu by coincidence; Beatrice steered him to it.

I don't understand your problem with Beatrice having this information. Sure, it wasn't explained, but that doesn't mean it is nonsensical. Maybe Battler learned it from Rudolf on the island in 1986, where Touya's memories are fuzzy, so part of Touya knows (Beatrice) and part doesn't (BATTLER).

But personally, I think Ikuko=Yasu makes a lot of sense in times like these because it allows Beatrice to be an active external agent instead of just a shadow projection in Touya's mind.

Originally Posted by Renall View Post
That's what intentionally misleading means. When you say something that could be misinterpreted, and don't correct a person's mistaken assumption, you've misled them. If you know in advance their assumption will be wrong, and still mislead them, you've done so intentionally.
I could argue with this, but I also see where you are coming from; I guess it just boils down to semantics.
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