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I don't understand your problem with Beatrice having this information. Sure, it wasn't explained, but that doesn't mean it is nonsensical. Maybe Battler learned it from Rudolf on the island in 1986, where Touya's memories are fuzzy, so part of Touya knows (Beatrice) and part doesn't (BATTLER).
No, it's not nonsensical how Battler could have known it. What I find annoying is how I've to figure out a scenario in which he could have learnt it and find one that I will deem logic enough.

Let's assume Rudolf told him on Rokkenjima, which is what the game seems to hint.
Why did he wait until they were on Rokkenjima? Battler was back home by some time, wasn't it easier to tell him while they were at home? Why waiting the family conference? Did he also told Kirye? In Ep 7 it seems he didn't even if Kirye was sort of threatening to kill Battler. If he didn't why did he told Battler and not to Kirye?

I'm left assuming a whole scenery for a situation I don't really know well (we've no clear idea of what happened on Rokkenjima Prime) in which I've to search answers I'll find satisfing and that I'll be in no way able to check if are right.

Although a part of me have fun at searching the answers, the other side grows frustrated at not being able to check them.

In the end I perceive the whole as 'the author gave him this knowledge but didn't bother explaining how he got it because he didn't bother planning how he would get it'. I might be wrong and maybe Ryukishi planned everything but I fear I'll never know what he actually planned...
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