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@ganbaru - Myrrh has a "sweet" smell. It's extremely potent, and is similar to pine but more fragrant (I guess potpourri would be more accurate?).

Originally Posted by Cats View Post

Simple answer: it's because its drawn more realistically.
That's not really much of an answer. I've read that wiki entry before which is why I thought maybe asking here would help me understand it better. There are plenty of manga with realistically drawn bodies (and sometimes faces), so it's not really a cut and dry answer for me.

Not all manhwa features characters where it is difficult to determine their gender, but the relative scarcity of translated manhwa versus manga makes it easier to pick out what has been translated and notice the difference. A recurring theme I've noticed is that male leads tend to look more feminine than not, sometimes to the point where a running joke in a title are other characters incorrectly saying "she" instead of "he" (like Id).

Like I said this isn't always the case, for instance Veritas has very manly men, but the manhwa style often has men with very long hair, big eyes, and thinner (sometimes longer limbed) body types.

Hence why I was wondering if there were any specific reasons for it (for instance cultural) or if it's just an evolution of the art style over the years and it just kind of "happened". Perhaps because there isn't as much translated manhwa I'm just noticing something that seems common, but is actually rare?
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