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Originally Posted by Kakashi View Post
Buoyancy is the upward resisting force.
Buoyancy and resistance are slightly different things. Buoyancy is based on gravity moving water under a lighter object. Resistance is a force opposite to any movement across the surface (or in it for gases and liquids) Think about it this way. Take a basketball, and put in lightly in your pool. The thing floats. Slowly submerge your basketball and let it go. It will float again. this is because the water is heavier than the air in the basketball and it pushes it up. Now whip a solid ball (handball or golf ball would work) in water. It will move a lot slower than it would in air. That is resistance. It has nothing to do with buoyancy because those things don't float yet are affected by the water.

After reading Cats answer, i think i have to modify mine slightly. Gravity is the same no matter what substance you are in. However the effect of gravity does change because different forces are at work to balance those of gravity. Buoyancy for one.
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