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Ah, entropy. I knew this would come up in a cynical story. Basically, nothing is free, and everything requires energy. Eventually, one must feed off others until the entire place gets dark. Naturally we are opposed to such beliefs, but not Troll-be I guess. I love how he comes into Madoka's room. So matter of fact to explain everything. He is the best part of the show.

I thought Kyoko's death was a pretty big waste. If Sayaka had turned into a witch and killed her while she was in shock, I would have just settled for that. But instead, this girl who really didn't give a shit about others didn't take her own advice for once comes up with an extremely poorly thought out plan, goes back in there, and puts up a halfhearted fight. It was like "we're gonna turn into witches anyways, let's throw in the towel." but I'm not even sure if it even looks like that. Nor is it the way I like to remember this character going out.

Essentialy, the last part required people to be pretty stupid. And also, as I have had pointed out time after time, Madoka is best to not follow. She ends up getting people killed because she can't protect herself and it diverts their attention. I know she wants to give moral support, but she needs to work with the way that keeps people alive. I know you mean well, but the power of friendship doesn't work here.

And with Kyoko out of the picture, Homura's left alone, and Kyubee is probaly anxious to force Madoka into a MG. That was what happened in the other timeline. Let's just see if Homura has any more tricks up its sleeve.

Overall, this was the weakest episode of the series; it gets a 6. Of course a 6 for this series is better than a 6 for something like Oreimo or whatever.
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