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Originally Posted by ruurguy View Post
@Triple_R: Hmm so is your main issue with the entropy issue (which I agree with others is in the end a kind of silly idea to use but it's not the first time) is that it is a sci fi element? Are you saying that let's say it was some mystical magical thing like the balance of "witch power" or "grief power" or some even "happiness power" that it would have been ok? But it is just about the sci fi element that disturbs you? If so I think you are taking the element a bit too seriously. I think in the end it is just a sort of morality argument and he used a sci fi element cause Gen thought it would sound cool. But it is essentially just a "greater good" morality argument which I think most people were predicting of some sort. So sure the literal sci fi element is out of left field but I don't think the general principle of it is that shocking, and I don't really have an issue with it as a result.
Thank you. That's all I'm saying. That the sci-fi element is out of left field.

On the issue of the general principle, I think that the "greater good" moral delimma would be better couched within an issue a bit more pressing than universal entropy.

Perhaps we'll see that with Walpurgis Night itself, in fairness. I hope so, anyway.

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
People already speculated that he had an ulterior motive to contracting magical girls beyond simply "lets stop witches that are causing harm!" This fits right in with those sorts of speculations, which I myself also did give repeatedly... So you really can't say that no one predicted any thing of the like. The exact ulterior motive, sure, but we speculated he had an agenda that was of his own self-benefit more than anything.
Well, technically, preventing or delaying universal entropy isn't an issue of "self-benefit" alone. It benefits all species, long term, to prevent or at least delay universal entropy.

ALSO, the whole point was that he was keeping his motives hidden. If we found out so soon earlier on, then he wouldn't of been doing a good job at it.
There's ways this could have been foreshadowed without revealling Kyubey's hidden motives all along. Have Madoka's mom watch a news report talking about increased solar flare activity, and scientists worrying about that. That would have been something, at least, imo.

That analogy is a gross exaggeration of what has happened in Madoka.
I don't think that it's a gross exaggeration. It's a slight exaggeration, in my opinion. One designed to get the point across.

Kyube was here the whole time,
Yes, but let's be honest here - very few people saw him as an alien in the sci-fi sense of the term "alien".

Which is not relevant to me.
My point is that there's a certain incongruity to using Faust allusions in Episode 3 and then bringing in heavy sci-fi elements in Episode 9. Basically, this anime was giving an overarching "archaic medieval europe witchcraft" feel to me, only that this was impacting on modern Japan. Now it goes from that to a sci-fi feel. I find it a bit jarring.

Unless you can demonstrate why exactly revealing something like this later is inherently flawed then I can't see your point.
When you do a sci-fi/fantasy fusion upfront, it's easier to avoid having one or the other come across as overly dominant, and hence there's less of a jarring effect than what you may have if you introduce the other one much later on.

The introduction of them in Madoka is fairly natural and logical. It didn't break anything in the story, and simply gave greater clarity.
I disagree. I think it's out of left field, and it feels a bit incongruent to me.

We may simply have to agree to disagree here, Reckoner.
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