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Originally Posted by acejem View Post
Still very surprised at the episode rating disparity, particularly at how episode 7 is rated on average higher than this one. And there's people complaining about the lack of reasonable belief of this episode when the previous one had LARPERS where their goal was to peep/stalk on the female staff and Tomoe ejected them out with a superpowered hose.

So over-exaggerated "anime-comedy" is ok but a somewhat "cliche dramatic plot" that does have some questionable actions is not?
Well, if it makes you feel any better I didn't especially like either one... But when 7 was pretty much a total write-off for me because it was a discordant mess that contributed nothing to the overall development of the story, at least 8 made the attempt to bring things back into focus. It just did a mostly poor job of it. 7 was a bad idea - 8 was a good idea badly done.

I confess I have no idea how much daily involvement Mari Okada has in the composition of this show or AnoHana. But it really seems to me that (so far) that show is getting the bulk of her attention. The different in consistency from week to week is startling. Where that series feels as if it's been on-point all the way and always knows where it's going, this one seems at times to have no plan at all. If I were to guess, the fact that HanaIro is two cour may be a factor - harder to go in with a specific roadmap to last for 24 eps than 11. It could also be that she just has more ongoing involvement with AnoHana. And, of course, that show could plotquake before it's all over.

One thing that really surprises me is seeing some folks defend Takako. To me, she's one of the most blatantly artificial and absurd characters to grace the cast of a relatively serious show in ages, and that's aside from the fact that she's incredibly annoying and seems totally out of synch with the rest of the series. For me, one of the worst characters of the year, easily.
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