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LOL, I like how Ohana is gonna crash a wedding just to get some help. I guess she sees how truly devoted her grandmother is to her work, and realizes that they must somehow succeed for the sake of everyone.

Indeed, she just rushes in to help; Ohana gains the title of "Befriender Therapist", something only held by Nanoha previously.

I also like how miss Greedy Villain did all that dramatic pointing and logic followups; I was hoping she'd pull some red text out, but whatever.

Minko was bearable this episode, and I lol'd when she did the -_- face.

This is definitely the best episode thus far, getting everything on track, and having subtle BGMs to highlight the mood. You can see some growth between Ohana and Grandma, and I was never bored. And also how is Kou gonna factor into this?

Stupid Jinomaru moment: Trolling rooms for "inspiration"

Rating: 9/10
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