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There is actually a GaruPan character on the Nova side which is Miho. I wonder why the Stella's side is way higher than the Nova's side nomination voters not familiar with newer characters perhaps?
I did miss her...not hard when she's all the way on the bottom.

As far as Stella v. Nova, larger pool, people not remembering girls, people not filling in the form correctly. Unfamiliarity do comes in, as much as ISML voter are already more hardcore viewers compare to your average "Watch maybe one or two each year, if even that" crowd.

And to be fair, all the top girls for Nova don't have to be nominated. LB gain some strength (Kud lose to Rikka in exhibition anyway, while Rin to Mashiro), Karen-chan lose quite a bit (She got close to Ririchiyo-sama). Still surprise Koneko drop THIS much (She beat Karuta in a 3-way with Tsukihi...), I guess she's being forgotten?
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