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Spoiler for Votes:

Damn, there were some really tough calls over there starting right with Arena 01 where I had to drop Madoka to give my votes to two lovely 2D ladies who I feel just might not have enough moe power to carry through on their own strength.

Arena 03 on the other hand had me struggling. 4 really cringe worthy choices for me and only one really interesting one. And right next I had to drop Shinka to give my vote to my favourite Yandere of the year (Yuno).

Then Arena 07 just had to make me not vote for Kotomi-chan nor Mai-chan. Azunyan is just too damn cute not to vote for and with the completely criminal levels of moe of Nadeko-chan my votes were set.

And then a three way match between Yuki, Nagisa-chan and Senjogahara-sama? Are you trying to kill me here?

At least I managed to drop a vote for Mugi-chan in there. Playing so much Houkago Live lately has really made me realize how cute she can be. Damn you Sega!
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