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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier View Post
So neither the manga nor the anime are actually following the novel at this point?

I'm not really very happy about that.
Both the manga and the anime do follow the novel's plot and basic structure, but they do take some liberty in how certain events unfold and how that connects into other events. It's not like you are presented with a completely different story, the differences are rather small when considering their impact on the events. It is not at all like usually in adaptations where there is a point when the plots completely seperate from each other.
The only thing that would actually warrant reading the novel after having seen the anime would either be being a huge fan of the story or to get some additional information that was cut out of the anime for length.

The manga...well it does it's job I suppose. In the end everybody has to decide on his own...I like the art of the manga better than Noizy Ito's designs for the anime, but the anime generally had a much more even pacing.
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