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Originally Posted by PuRpLe CryStaL
Hey folks! Rozen Maiden Träumend OST will be released on 27 January 2006. I believe Megu's song will be included in the OST otherwise I would be very disappointed! Megu's seiyuu has done a great job singing that song ^_^ I also love the music in Episode 6 where Suigintou was flying in her N-Field & looking at the wall; recalling the time she battled with Shinku. I can't wait to get my hands on the OST

The song in ep6 with Gin flying is called "Kamp", and is on track 6 of the ED single: "光の螺旋律" (Hikari no Rasenritsu). With much debate between me and my friend, we assume the language of the song is in latin, not German nor Japanese. It would be nice if someone who knows German could verify if this is true.

On a side note, I'm planning to go to Comiket 69 on the 30th, which supposedly going to have Morinaga Rika (voice actor of Souseiseki) do some kind of cooking. The 29th has Saori Goto (voice actor of Barasuishou). Although, the voice actors of Shinku and Jun are going to have an event somewhere else also on the 30th, its nonetheless pretty ironic that the voice actors of Bara and Sousei are doing something..."out of character."
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