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Originally Posted by CrowKenobi View Post
Nice to see that this craziness is in its own thread!

Anyway, my thoughts on the Kyon-ko and male Mikuru (Mikuro?) dynamic would not be motherly but sibling, i.e. since she has a little brother already, an abused male Mikuru would touch upon those feelings better and still keep them apart romantically.
Kyon-ko's little brother could be a tough shota type, the anti-thesis to normal Kyon's sister's precocious loli type.

Originally Posted by CrowKenobi View Post
Two other points to make: where (or what) the mole is and how much of a dreamboat bishonen the adult version of male Mikuru would be?

Bishonen? Or manly? Should he have undergone a drastic GAR transformation? Or evolved from shota near-trap to irresistable bishie?

Such tough questions to ponder.

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