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Originally Posted by linkinstreet View Post
I imagine something would happen to Jeremiah, seeing that if the animedia scene has any truth, Anya would go to meet Kallen and Gino.
Jeremiah took like 20 seconds of Kallen's radiation wave, and DIDN'T die when most people take 2-3 and die. Now that he's a cyborg nothing can kill him, unless he wants to die by moving through gefjung disturber using sheer will power.

Even when he appeared to betray everyone by becoming the Emperor, she still hoped that it was an act so she questioned him on it.
How did he appear to betray anyone? He was the one who was betrayed by the people whose lives he saved. Becoming emperor was the only other option available if he wanted to accomplish the world Euphy and Nunnaly wanted. If anything that was a huge slap to the face of those traitorous Black Knights.
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