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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
I admit, it's abit TOO distracting for her own good...

It was base on the idea of that spear Because the Son of God was killed by stabbing, all Saints - who inherit bodies similar to the Son of God, would also receive his weakness... That is the theory behind the Stab Sword.

So powerful is this weapon that it's rumored to be able to kill a Saint as long as it's pointing in his/her direction, distance is irrelevant.

(In fact, the description was "even if the Saint was on the planet Pluto...")
So that "Stab Sword" is a spear that looks like a giant sword. What's its actual name again?

Well it makes me wonder... What was Oriana holding all the time? Was it the "package"?

Don't forget, was also offered a kiss by Oriana
Now that's the heroic harem lord we're talking about. Got a multiple kisses in one day.
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