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Originally Posted by Patchy View Post
Fall-sempai ~ If I'm not mistaken it's from G-string? >_< "Good"... Kanon is the best girl out of them though XD...
I have to say I enjoyed Kanon's route the best too. Followed closely by Mizuhara and then Haru. Great game, a bit of a slow starter but once it got rolling I found myself losing track of time numerous nights!

I give your signature a solid 10/10. Shame we can't get anything that big as the norm!

Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
fallschirmjager 9/10 no text this time ?
She wouldn't with the new constraints so I've just edited it down a bit and popped the text on there now, what do you think?

"It doesn't mean much, we never had a chance."
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